2014 Lamborghini Sales Break New Records

2014 Lamborghini sales break new records with 2,530 units sold compare to 2,430 units in 2008. The 2014 sales increase about 19 percent from 2,121 cars sold in 2013.


The all new model Huracan have play a major role for their success with 3,300 order by the end of December 2014.



They managed to deliver 1,137 Huracan, 1,128 Aventador and remaining 265 Gallardos in 2014 with its market majority came from America followed by China on second place.

Porsche also tops their 2014 sales with Porsche Macan. It help Porsche to penetrate new market share who want smaller size of Cayenne. It might be the right move for Lamborghini to come out with their SUV too or maybe not.

(Source: MotorAuthority)

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