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2016 Ford Focus RS AWD With Video

Ford have unleashed the 2016 Ford Focus RS AWD. It is powered by 2.3 Liter Ecoboost 6-speed manual transmission with 32o horsepower; the same engine powered the Mustang.


To maximize grip, the Ford Focus RS where only available in  all wheel drive (AWD) system with Dynamic Torque Vectoring system that distributes torque between the front and rear axles in order to maximize grip.


Ford have hired Ken Block who is popular for his Gymkhana stunt as the consultant for this project. The Ford Focus RS is better than the ST in every aspects. On engineering aspect, Ford claimed the RS have high-performance technology and innovative engineering make it a serious machine and always ready either for road or track used.


The Ford Focus RS came with a standard electric drive system, stiffer suspension compare to standard model, adjustable dampers, anti-sway bar to improve its cornering with 19 inch wheels.


Step inside the car and you will be greet by a set of Recaro seats, flatten steering wheel on its bottom and blue illuminated color make the interior looks nice. There are also extra gauges at centre console indicate useful information for the driver.

The Ford Focus RS will be available first in United State before arrive on other countries.

(Source: CarScoops, CarBuzz)

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