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2016 Honda FCV Concept will be at Detroit Auto Show


2016 Honda FCV Concept will be at Detroit Auto Show in January 2015. Honda will show their latest Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept car as the answer to Toyota and Volkswagen. FCV vehicle is different from hybrid car or electric car. Although the hydrogen will be used generate electricity to run the electric motor, FCV need to be fuel with hydrogen instead of charging the car. Using FCV car, people do not have to wait overnight for their car to fully recharge. They can use their car like a normal car.


Thanks to better aerodynamic design, Honda claim their new FCV car go up to 700 km compare to Toyota which could only cover for 483 km. The new FCV will show their latest engine and just in case the car ran out out of hydrogen, Honda develop an extender call “Honda Power Exporter” which able to extend the 700 km range. The FCV from Honda expected to replace FCX which introduce back in 2005 in United States.

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