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2016 NSX Photos and Video

2016 nsx teaser side front

2016 NSX Photos and video have gone viral among car enthusiast. It is now confirm that Honda will bring back their ultimate car back on the market and will be displayed at Detroit Motorshow in January 2015.

NSX is the first model from Honda that used Normally Aspired (Non Turbo) mid engine with VTEC technology. One of the main factor people love when driving an NSX is when the VTEC starts to operate and generating a beautiful racing sound.

Honda is popular for its Type-R version for selected segment and for NSX it was called NSX-R. With NSX-R, the engine was retuned in order to bring more power and the chassis is also being improved to handle additional power but also at the same time they reduce its total weight with the usage of carbon fibre on selected components. The Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, own one of NSX-R and he drove it in one of the episodes oin VTEC Club.

2016 nsx teaser side back

The production of NSX have been stopped in 2005 since the company want to find a new meaning for the NSX to stay relevant in future market.  For 3 years, the development team have work so hard in order the ensure the legacy continue. There are numbers of prototype model have been tested and spotted through spy shots.

2016 nsx teaser body curve

The NSX will have a totally new platform and design. It will have the latest technology and design language from Honda. Under the hood, it will be powered by a V6 engine for its rear wheels with 7 speed dual clutch automatic. On its front wheels, a dual electric motors (1 for each wheels) will also be part of the new NSX and in total it is estimated to produce 400 hp.

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