2016 Subaru BRZ STi Concept Car With Pictures and Video

Subaru have revealed their STi concept car for Subaru BRZ in New York Auto Show. The major overhauled was done by STi Performance to get show and gather feedback from potential customers.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Front LED Headlamps

Subaru BRZ share the same platform with Toyota and Scion to come out with a sports car for entry level which have less computers to control the car and have full of potential for future upgrade. All models used the same engine which came from Subaru with Toyota fuel injection. But there are different among them although there are look similar.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Rear Taillights

It is said the answer for those who want a car that have excitement to drive like the legendary Toyota AE86 which popular among drifters.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Interior

Previously, we have reported leaked photos about the upcoming Subaru BRZ STi. This Subaru BRZ STi have fulfil all the wish list from Subaru enthusiasts. It start with a turbocharged 2.0 Liter engine which producing 300 horsepower. A lot of carbon fibre material was used in this concept car to reduce its weight.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Control Center

On its interior, most of items which used plastics were replaced with nicely crafted carbon fibre. You will also see STi semi bucket racing seats with STi gauges on its meter console with all buttons to control the car at the centre console with LED display that project status and settings.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Front Right Side

On its exterior, STi performance have also fitted the car with new redesigned headlamps with newly design carbon fibre front bumper. There are also STi logo on its air intake grills with red line in its headlamps.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Left Side

There are also air flow hole at the bottom of both of its fenders with carbon fibre side skirts. Carbon fibre also can be detected on its more radical design bumpers with rear diffuser and it is being completed with a huge GT wing spoilers. Is it me or optical illusion, the front fenders and rear curve looks wider and more sharp.

2016 Subaru STi Concept Rear Side

The rear taillights looks more modern with LED lights that have similar concept which came from Valenti but have different design. (Valentin have after market taillights that available for BRZ, GT86 and FT86).

2016 Subaru STi Concept On Track Front

Unfortunately, Subaru said they may not mass produced this BRZ but they will focus more on aftermarkets, STi-tuned cars and motorsports.

2016 Subaru STi Concept On Track


(Source: AutoExpress UK)

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