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2017 #Mercedes E-Class Demonstrates Remote Parking Pilot Feature

2017 Mercedes E-Class demonstrates Remote Parking Pilot feature. The BMW have shown their remote parking for their 7-Series model but the Mercedes now put a heat on their rival – BMW 5-Series.

2017 Mereceds E-Class On Start

With many advanced technology being fitted inside new luxury model, it is not surprise car’s manufacturers are competing each others to provide the best technology they can offer to their potential customers.

2017 Mereceds E-Class Park

Remote Parking Pilot is just a part of the overall package from Mercedes since the 2017 Mercedes E-Class is said to pack with latest technology. With Remote Parking, it is much easy to park the car in a narrow parking lot.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Leaked Photo

By the way, if you have a look carefully, it is believe that it is the new Mercedes E-Class front design without any camouflage in the mobile apps that they use in the demo video.

(via AutoEvolution)

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