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2017 Subaru BRZ New Facelift

After Toyota launched their new facelift for the Toyota GT86, it is time for Subaru to reveal their 2017 Subaru BRZ. The new BRZ facelift is now featuring LED headlights and taillights to make it look modern and suitable on the mainstream. They have redesigned their exterior with aero kits inspired from the BRZ STi concept car.


Regarding its performance, the engine remains running on 2.0-liter natural aspirated boxer paired with the 6-speed manual transmission system. The new gearbox has a lower final drive ratio and limited slip differential from Torsen, which helps the car to accelerate faster.


Although the car has no turbo system, the engineers have added new valves, camshaft, cylinder head and they have done some tweaked to its intake and exhaust system. This new model now has 205 hp. The new BRZ receives new suspension system from Sach with bigger rear stabilizer bar to improve its handling.


Subaru also introduces a new 4.2-inch LCD screen integrated into the instrument cluster. It has a digital G-force meter and lap time display.

(via Subaru)

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