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Mercedes Will Start Support Apple CarPlay for All Models In 2016

It is reported Mercedes will start support Apple CarPlay for all models in 2016. All production vehicle starting from December 1st or January 8th will have CarPlay which will leverage on Apple technology like Siri. With a touch of a button, driver can give voice command to Siri.


Mercedes-Benz customers will now be able to access Apple CarPlay on many MY16 vehicles starting with December 1st or January 8th production. Apple CarPlay is designed to allow the same clean, simple interface that users enjoy on their iPhone to be also shown on their vehicle’s display

With CarPlay being integrated as the main infotainment system, driver also have the capabilities to run multiple apps at the same time. It is said Apple CarPlay will have a different user interface design compare to current Mercedes infotainment system. For now, Apple CarPlay will available for all Mercedes premium model.

(via iClarified)

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