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82 Years Old Man Gives Rides of The Lifetime To Mercedes Technicians

An 82 years old man gives rides of the lifetime to Mercedes technician when they try to help him on the roadside. You can see their faces when they saw a helpless old man driving a Mercedes C63 AMG wagon. The old man invites them to come in and hear the sound from the back, and it is the starts of their unforgettable rides.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.26.23 PM

The old suddenly drift the Mercedes C63 AMG around the nearby parking lot to hear “the sound from the back”. He also tries to pickup a fight with a young man when the kid tries to warn his dangerous driving in the parking area. Some of the technicians enjoy the rides, but one of them asking him to stop because he is afraid the old man will hurt people. But all safety issues have been taken care because it is all part of the drama. The parking lot was closed as planned for the prank. The 82 years old man is no regular person. He is Petter Solberg, who wear makeup and dress like a person older than his real age. Although some of the technicians scared to the death, two good things happen to them – have a ride in a Mercedes C63 AMG and meet Petter Solberg.

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