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Andy Wilman and James May Confirmed Leaving Top Gear

In 2002, Andy Wilman who is the executive producers with Jeremy Clarkson have revive back the BBC Top Gear from normal car review to the best dramatic humour car show and they have bring a lot of money to the BBC.


During their first season, they brought Richard Hammond into the series and later with James May. The trio sticked together and have entertained millions of viewer for each season up until season 22.

After Jeremy were sacked from the Top Gear, neither Hammond or May want to continue to host the program and Top Gear have already dropped their photos from Top Gear main banner website.


James May said he may continue filming promotional episode for the remaining Top Gear episodes but he said he won’t filming Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson..

hammond jeremy james top gear

With Andy Wilman, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond leaved the mothership, it is hard to expect Top Gear ever bounce back. Maybe Top Gear should rebrand its format and focus for future potential Top Gear fans instead of focusing on current fans.

One thing for sure, I just can’t wait to see latest project from Andy Wilman and the trio.

(Source: MotorAuthority)

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