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Aston Martin Will Continue Selling Its V12

Aston Martin will try to continue selling its V12 model as long as possible. In latest news, Aston Martin and Daimler have signed an agreement which Daimler will supply V12 engine for future Aston Martin models. Aston Martin plan to introduce DB11 model with a displacement of 6.0 liter V12 engine.


To ensure it environmental friendly, the engine may be fitted with at least 1 turbocharger to increase its power and at the same time remain its fuel efficiency. Aston Martin also said they may have to develop zero emission car in order to average the amount of carbon released by them. One thing for sure, Aston Martin will continue selling its V12 engine for it future model as long as possible.


But why people still love V12 engine? Watch the following video 😉

(via CarPassionIt)

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