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Audi and BMW Will Showcase Their Laser Headlight at CES 2015

Audi Cars with Laser Lights

Audi and BMW will showcase their laser headlight at CES 2015. The event will start this Monday and will be participate by other other companies who want to shows latest technology in their upcoming product.

Audi R8 Laser Headlights

Audi and BMW are known for their cutting edge technology innovate beautiful headlights and taillights. Their innovation made all their model distinctive from other manufacturer.

Audi have tested and used their innovative laser technology in their racing. They will bring their race technology which came from R18 Le Mons. Audi have unveiled their laser lights technology in 2014. It will be an updated technology with more futuristic design.

BMW i8 Laser Lights

BMW is said to show their latest Organic LED (OLED) and intelligent laser light technology. OLED is a new technology that can be used by car manufacturers to produce a distinctive look and more freedom for designer to design their car. It has been shown during BMW Vision Future Luxury concept car.

BMW OLED Thin Design

On the other hand, BMW will also show laser light technology which already being used for BMW i8. BMW claim the new laser light can reach up to 600 meters compare to conventional headlights.

Laser headlights and taillights are important for future car, it is reliable compare to current Xenon bulp and can reach far further. Brighter intelligent headlights and taillights are important. It will help future cars to response more accurate when it is being integrated with cameras and sensors.

Other German’s car maker, the Mercedes Benz, will also take part in this year CES 2015 with a couple of teasers.

Audi Laser Lights Technology

BMW Laser Lights Technology

BMW OLED Lights Technology


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