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Being An Auto Show Model Require You To Be Smart Too

Being an auto show model require you to be smart and have good communication skills too rather than just a pretty face. All models are posing around car not just to make sure you capture a perfect photo but they have assignment to gather want people think about the car they represented on that day. Compare to talking a sales person who may just concern about money, talking to a pretty seems to help car manufacturer to get genuine feedback from the ground and the people seem comfortable and easy to be approached.

2015-detroit-auto-show audi

Hedy Popson is the one who hired models for 2015 Detroit Auto Show told WSJ they will gather report and summarise information gather from potential buyers. With the information, car manufacturer able to get the right product into the market. Next time you visit Auto Show, if the models are interested to talk you, have a good time, give them your opinion and talk to them nicely. We make others people job easy and at the same time we are also part of the process to improve future cars. Isn’t it good?

2015-detroit-auto-show alfa romeo


(Source: WSJ via AutoBlog)

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