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Bentayga is Bentley’s Ultra Luxury SUV

Bentley revealed their first SUV model called Bentayga. Bentayga is Bentley’s ultra luxury SUV which inherit core values of the company. Bentley Bentayga is powered by 6.0L W12 engine. It produce 600 horsepower with 8-speed automatic gearbox. With this much powers, it is not such a big problem to move this big SUV. Other than the massive engine, the aluminum body also helps to lower down its total weight. Bentley claims their SUV is the world’s fastest SUV and able to go off-road.


The Bentayga is develop on aluminum chassis based on Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform. It means the Bentayga shares platform with the next Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne. It means the Bentayga is develop on proven technology.


Inside the Bentayga’s cabin, it looks perfect and the quality is what to expect from them. Bentley have put all of their efforts and hard work for each details. Each components and trims are perfectly made. Bentley offers unlimited colors combination for both inside and outside of their Bentayga. There are about 15 carpets and 7 type of woods for you choose too. There are 4 identical seats with the back seats passenger got their own Android based tablets. All seats have massage and ventilation functions. Compare to other SUV which gave the extra treatment either for the driver or passengers, Bentley want all the occupants feels the same comfort level.

14-front-cabin-3 15-front-cabin-4

(via AutoWeek)

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