Best Car of The Year 2014 by AutoCar UK

Best Cars of The Year for 2014 – BMW i8

2014 BMW i8

According to AutoCar UK, Best Cars of The Year for 2014 goes to the BMW i8. AutoCar UK said it is their choice since it is different from all other cars introduced in 2014. With electric motor system on front wheels and Mini 1.5 L on its rear wheels, the car was interesting to drive. Although it is not meant to beat a Lamborghini, the i8 steer precisely during corners and able to use all the power when needed and reach from static to 100 kmh in just 4.4 seconds

Its beautiful design make it looks like a supercar and another good things it does not ask much petrol. These mid engine electric i8 can run up to 37 km on full electric mode and its efficiency can be up to 2.1L per 100km.

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