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The Blackbird Will Revolutionize The Future of Commercial Video

Currently, it is hard for an advertising agency to shoot any yet-to-release vehicle for a commercial video. But now, The Mill introduce a new vehicle that will revolutionize the process in near future. It is called the BlackBird.

The Blackbird - 2

The Blackbird is the world first fully adjustable car rig that can mimic a different type of vehicles. The car has a basic skeleton, but the chassis can be adjusted to meet ride height, width, and length of a particular vehicle. Using computer generated image, the Blackbird can be re-skinned to look like the target car. The car can be programmed to have the same characteristic as the actual car thanks to its electric motors.  The Blackbird is being developed by Blackbird SR-71 supersonic jet technicians from JemFX that took two years to complete.

The Blackbird - 3

(via Engadget)

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