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BMW 7 Series 2015/2016 Leaked Photos


BMW 7 Series 2015/2016 leaked photos shows 730d sitting in some sort of warehouse uncovered for the first time. The exterior design of 7 Series evolve from current F01/F02 models with a new redesign front face lift and rear design.


Starting from the front, shows a newly design laser headlights. With laser headlights BMW claim that the visibility is much better and precise since it only have 1 single spectrum compare to normal light which consist of 4 spectrums. In fact, BMW said with laser headlights technology, the visibility can be reached up to 600 meters.


Walking through the new BMW 7 Series, its tail lights looks smaller compare to previous model with two chrome exhaust pipes.


The interior looks as expected from BMW 7 Series with high quality leather and material. The one we shows here have a two tone colours leather with woods and metal trims. It also offer a large LCD screen on top of the dashboard with B&W Audio System. The new 7 Series are said to be equipped with better iDrive system, gesture based navigation and keyfob. Keyfob is a new gadget from BMW that have cools features including Parking Assistant. With a hold of button, it will self park your car.


The 7 Series is said to offer in diesel engine, four petrol engine and two hybrid with 9-Speed gearbox and will debut either in Geneva Motor Show (around March 2015) or Frankfurt Motor Show (around September 2015)




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