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BMW i9 Is The New Luxury Flagship From BMW

Rumors said BMW will come out with a new luxury flagship under i-series by 2020. The new luxury sedan will be based on current 7-Series model and will be offered in 4-door, coupe and long-wheelbase model. It will be powered by plug-in hybrid with either V6 twin turbo, V8 or V12 engine.


Since BMW is the parent company for Rolls Royce, maybe the new BMW i9 will have the same electric powertrain which will be offered for the next Rolls Royce Phantom. Other than i9 model, BMW is also developing i6 model with the same size as current 3-Series model. BMW estimates more people will buy electric cars in near future and they want to get ready if the demand growth as expected.


(via AutoMobileMag)

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