BMW M4 GTS With Organic LED (Video)

BMW have shown to the public the BMW M4 GTS. The GTS name remarks an ultimate version for the M Series. It is design to tackle the race track and legally use in the public road. The new BMW M4 GTS continues the tradition back from the 1988 BMW M3 Evolution.

BMW M4 GTS With OLED - 15

BMW M4 is a powerful car but the M4 GTS bring the M4 to the next level. The front bonnet is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Exposed carbon fiber material can be seen on front splitter, rear diffuser and wing spoiler. In term of the performance, the M4 GTS engine system come with water injection system which cool down the engine and enable higher boost for the turbo system. The same technology is being used in the BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car.

BMW M4 GTS With OLED - 6

Other than that, the BMW M4 GTS now come with BMW Organic LED (OLED). The special things about OLED is each light is being controlled individually. It enable precise lighting and more flexible design. The BMW M4 GTS world premier take place at Pebble Beach  in California.

(via BimmerPost)

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