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BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car With Water Injection Technology

The BMW M4 used as MotoGP Safety Car is running with water injection technology to increase its power up to 8 percent. With the new technology, it enable BMW to reduce fuel consumption and decrease its carbon emission since the engine consume as much water as it use the fuel.


Water injection technology is not new to racing cars which powered by turbocharger or supercharger. The technology used to control its detonation problem for their turbocharged engine. A mist of water being spray in between the intercooler and the engine and able to produce more power since the engine are being cold perfectly.

bmw-m4-motogp-safety-rear right

It will take time for BMW to implement this technology in mass produce market but at least when it is ready, we are able to get a powerful car with a better fuel consumption.


(Via TopSpeed)

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