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BMW Want To Compete Tesla Model S With i5 and i7 But They Don’t Really Get It

BMW want to compete Tesla Model S with i5 and i7 but they don’t really get it. BMW may use existing 5-Series platform and made some tweaking to be able their car  to run on electric motors with normal combustion engine as range extender.


Compare to Tesla which focus on full electric power, BMW unable to ditch their combustion engine. Maybe their battery alone were unable to cover enough mileage before it need to be refilled again. But isn’t it the area that they should focus on?

Tesla able to maintain its crown as the King of Electric Cars due to the fact they understand what people want, improvement on power efficiency and solving issues on existing normal cars.

Tesla Model S Floor Platform Cutaway



Tesla have a spacious interior and a lot of compartment due to its robust design of its platform. Compare to other electric or hybrid car manufacturers, Tesla are focusing to provide a better car which they target in future people unable to say no to Tesla. You will surprise how small the electric motor that use to run on the rear axle of Tesla Model S compare to the BMW i8.


BMW i8 Floor Platform Cutaway
BMW i8 Floor Platform Cutaway

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