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Brabus 850 S63 AMG Gold


Brabus 850 S63 AMG Gold have been unveiled by Brabus. The synonym tuner for Mercedes-Benz have a new upgrade package which is not just for its appearance but also its overall performance.


Starting from its overall appearance, the S63 have received a striking satin gold color not ordinary black, white and silver color. Its air intake and grill have been tinted to a dark color making the front face looks more aggressive with new air vent too.


Moving to its rear, a new boot spoiler and diffuser have been fitted to improve its aerodynamic. To complete overall looks, Brabus have use a new set of wheels which is made from stainless steel alloy.


Its interior looks bright with a full rework from Brabus. All stitching are made from gold with soft white as its main theme contrasting with gold color leather. All items in its interior the same level of quality workmanship and material.


The Brabus S63 AMG Gold also received power upgrade too. The 5.5L engine Biturbo have been tuned to give the output of 850hp and can achieve 100kmh in just 3.5 seconds from static.

I am sure not everybody comfortable with the new color scheme by Brabus but sure they have made a product review. Most royal families  and potential client from China are sure love it since gold represent a status and a good thing in their culture. It also have a high quality finishing both on its interior and exterior and able to move fast too.

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