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Brand New BMW M4 Gets Hit by Toyota Avanza

A brand new BMW M4 gets hit by Toyota Avanza after the Toyota Avanza running a red light in Malaysia. A video was recorded by the BMW M4 owner prior to the accident occur. It capture moments the impact take place. Luckily a cyclist who ride besides the BMW M4 was not being hit too.


In Malaysia, imported cars are expensive due to a huge tax to support local industries and attract more investors to open up their factories in Malaysia. It is normal for develop country like to implement such policy. But it does not stop people to work hard and owns car that they wanted. The BMW M4 that is being hit by the Toyota Avanza has a price tag about MYR740,000 or about USD185,000.  It is sad to see a rare car being hit. Maybe the local authority should also take a look how the traffic lights were located at the junctions. Luckily nobody was hurt.

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