Tesla Denies Their Autopilot Mulfunction

Tesla denies their autopilot malfunction when a Tesla Model X hit and nearly killed people inside a shop. From the log they received, it shows the Model X was operated ...

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Tesla Model X Sudden Accelaration Almost Killed People In A Shop

A new owner for a five days old Tesla Model X claims his vehicle make sudden acceleration while he is entering an empty parking spot. He and his wife have minor ...

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Tesla Model X and Model S

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Tesla?

Almost everyone wants to own a Tesla car. Elon Musk and his team have created a luxury brand for an EV car by putting a lot of latest technology inside ...

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A Kid Try To Get $100 While Tesla Model S Accelerate - 1

A Kid Try To Get $100 While Tesla Model S Accelerate

Tesla Model S P90D is known for its capabilities to sprint fast enough to throw you into the seat. So, a dad challenged his kid to grab a $100 bill ...

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When Audience Asked Elon Musk About Tesla Model 3 Deadlines - 1

One of Elon Musk Strategy To Meet Tesla Model 3 Deadline

It is interesting to see Elon Musk could spend his time on conference stage answering questions. The following video was taken during Code Conference 2016.One of the audience asked him ...

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Tesla Gets Help From Leading Battery Researcher

Tesla gets help from leading battery researcher Jeff Dahn with an exclusive contract from Tesla Motor starting this June 8. It is believed part of Tesla’s plan to reach their target ...

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Tesla Is Getting More Batteries From Suppliers

Tesla reportedly is getting more batteries from suppliers to fulfill their customer’s demand. Tesla top executives have talked with LG Chem, SK Innovation, and Samsung for a possible deal on lithium-ion ...

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Tesla Brings In Expertise From Audi As The New VP Production

Tesla brings in Peter Hochholdinger from Audi, who has the expertise and experience working for the last 22 years working across entire production chain. In Audi, he was responsible for ...

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nikola one - 1

Nikola Motor Company Will Offer Electric Truck and UTV

A new startup company called Nikola Motor Company will enter electric vehicle market with 2,000 hp truck and 4×4 UTV. The Nikola One truck will be powered by a 320kWh battery ...

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Tesla Model S Fly Over 25 Meters In The Air Before Crashing Hard On A Field

A Tesla Model S fly over 25 meters in the air before crashing down in the middle of a field. The incident occurs in Germany when the 18 years old ...

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