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China Starting To Mass Produce Its Level 4 Self Driving Mini Bus

China is starting to mass produce its level 4 self driving mini bus called the Apolong. Level 4 autonomous is an advanced system which require no driver behind its wheels. The mini bus is using Apollo open platform developed by Baidu.

The project involved 116 global partners from automotive and technology spaces with a lot of developers since October 2017. The automous mini bus will have array of sensors onboard including laser radar, milimeter wave radar and HDR and a stereo camera modules.


Baidu said it is a big achievement for them and their mini bus is now ready for public to use it. The Apolong is being manufactured by King Long in Xiamen, China. It can carry up to 14 passengers at one time.

They plan to operate the shuttle in several cities in China including Beijing and Shenzhen which will serve geo-fenced area including parks, business parks and airports.

It is expected they will started to export the automous mini bus in 2019. Japan will be the first country outside China to use it thanks to their partnership with SoftBank Group.

The Apolong will be shown to public in November 2018 during Baidu World Conference.

Source NewAtlas


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