Faraday Future Backer Plan To Make A Free EV Car For People In China

A China-based company called LeEco had introduced a new EV concept specially made for China market. The car is said will having an electric powertrain which capable of reaching 130 mph, autonomous capability, and Internet connectivity to play movies and streaming music. It has a sleek design and I just like its body line. The interior also has a simple design with a centre LCD screen with no gauges.

LeEco EV car concept - 2

LeEco plans to make their new car available for free and only paid for the services. Currently, LeEco is getting their money through the same business model on their smartphone and TV. The company was backed by Jia Yueting, who is currently a backer for Faraday Future too. They just opened a new US based headquarter in Silicon Valley with 300 employees, and they are currently partnership Faraday Future to realize their concept car.

LeEco video teaser:

LeEco photo gallery:

(via MotorAuthorityBusinessInsider)

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