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Faraday Future Joining Self-Driving Bandwagon With Other Automakers

Faraday Future is a company who secretly run their research and development will soon join the self-driving bandwagon with other automakers. Since their establishment two years ago, we have been seen their concept car and their plan on top of the robust chassis that they develop to cater fast manufacturing process.


Faraday Future was fully backed by a billionaire from China called Jia Yueting. He also owns LeEco, a company who aim to provide a free electric vehicle for people in China. LeEco is currently joining partner with Faraday Future in the United States to gain technology from the Faraday Future. Faraday Future has requested permission to test their autonomous cars on public roads from the Michigan Department of Transportation. It is believed, the new license plates applied by Faraday Future may relate to LeEco other than testing their vehicle.

(via AutoEvolution)

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