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Ferrari 458M Turbo Spyshots


Ferrari 458M turbo spyshots have gone viral among Ferrari enthusiast. The new model is said to be the same platform used in Ferrari 458 but with smaller displacement. The 458M are the second model after the California T which used a turbo engine. Turbo induction is not a normal choice from Ferrari but due to strict regulation on CO2 emission, car manufacturer have to comply the rules.


The new 458M may used the same engine from California T but with more horsepower more than 650hp from the 3.8L V8 turbo. The engine will replace Normally Aspired 4.5L V8 engine.


Rumors said the new 458M may have slightly delay. It is due to Ferrari still needs time to make the car run smooth with perfection and reliability. Once they get everything right, the car may be shown to public during Frankfurt Auto Show in 2015

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