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Formula E New Creative Commercial Ads

FIA Formula E Championship creatively promotes the Formula E series with new commercial ads called ‘Leap of Faith.’ The video shows Damien Walters, who is a free runner, gymnast and Hollywood stuntman do backflip while a Formula E car is coming from┬ábehind. Alistair Whitton drove the Formula E car at 100km/h, and they have done a lot of rehearsal because they need precision to ensure the safety of all parties. The Leap of Faith symbolically represents Formula E championship series which moves from the normal combustion engine to full powered electric Formula cars. It is a risky move, and they seem to prepare everything to minimize the risk.

360 Backflip Formula E - 1

Video stunt preparation and action:

Watch onboard camera in 360 degrees video

(You need to run the video on Youtube player of Chrome browser to have full experience)

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