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Honda Might Recall Another 20 Million Vehicles Due To Takata Airbag

Takata was ordered by NHTSA to recall about 35 million airbags last week. Since Honda is one of the Takata’s biggest client, it is estimated there are about 20 million vehicles were affected and needed to be recalled back. But we are still waiting for the official statement from Honda.

A flag with the Takata logo flies alongside a U.S. flag outside Takata corporation in Auburn Hills, Michigan
A flag with the Takata logo flies alongside a U.S. flag outside Takata Corporation in Auburn Hills, Michigan May 20, 2015. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

Approximately, Takata needs to recall back 69 million airbags which cost them about $1.87 billion. Nikkei said Takata might not survive any longer due to the many recalls that they have to make. In total, there is about 13 people dead cause by the defected airbags from Takata when the defected airbag spread metals from the inflators and killed the drivers.

In the latest finding by NHTSA, a dry agent was missing from Takata’s airbag. It can cause the airbag operate with extra force when to require which can also spread metals from the inflator. Honda should ensure the inflators and airbags in every car they sold quickly being replaced. Based on my experience, it takes months before a letter came to inform the owner and it took another more month to order the parts and get things fixed. If I want to buy a new car, I will try my best to avoid any vehicle that uses airbag from Takata.


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