Honda Testing Their Next 2017 Civic Type-R Sedan

It is believe Honda are testing their next 2017 Civic Type-R sedan based on latest mule car that they used. Mule car is a prototype car that use other body shell from different model to cover the real shape of the production model. For example, from the spy shots we notice they use front facia that come from current Acura ILX and the rear section is coming from the Civic hatchback for Europe market.


The quad tailpipes might be used to test either the current engine which under testing require that much output system. The new generation Civic Type-R will be powered by 2.0 Liter VTEC engine with turbocharger system. It is expected to produce 300 horsepower. The test mule car have been fitted with bigger wheels with a complete Brembo braking system and wider offset which shows this is not a normal Civic.

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(via AutoEvolution and WorldCarFans)



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