Honda Will Compete With Other SUV Models With Hybrid Model

It is a tough competition in the automotive industry with more manufacturers are now trying to capture the market in SUV segments. Honda had already offered their customers with the CR-V model a long time ago, and they need to provide something which could attract new and existing SUV owners.

Honda Concept - 1

The hybrid drivetrain is among favorite feature which Honda can provide. With hybrid powertrain, it is not will save money for fuel but also increase the total horsepower for the SUV. Honda has their hybrid system use in Honda Fit/ Jazz, Insight, and Civic. With new generation Civic will use an engine with turbocharger system, Honda hints they will use the technology they borrowed from Civic to the next generation Honda CR-V. It is a clear strategy because Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Kia are now offering their SUV with a hybrid system.

Honda Concept - 2

What remains unclear is whether they will use a 1.5 turbocharged engine or a tuned down version of their latest 2.0-liter Type-R engine.

(via AutoEvolution)

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