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Lamborghini Centenario Is A Tribute To The Company Founder

Lamborghini Centenario is special because it is a tribute to the company founder Ferruccio. Celebrating 100 years since their company founder Ferruccio was born, Lamborghini decided to remember him with this Special Limited Edition Lamborghini Centenario. This Lamborghini Centenario is dressed entirely in carbon fiber which makes it only weight 1,529 kilograms. The Lamborghini Centenario looks aggressive with a new body style design which also helpful to improve its aerodynamic features.

Lamborghini Centenario - 2

The interior received proper treatment from Lamborghini. It has a 10.1-inch touchscreen which supports Apple CarPlay and internet browsing. It also has built-in telemetry software. The software will be useful on the track.

Lamborghini Centenario - 3

A rear-wheel steering system has been installed by the Lamborghini to improve its handling. Lamborghini Centenario is powered by 6.5-liter V12 normally-aspirated engine founded in the Aventador. But Lamborghini upgraded the engine, and now it produces 770 horsepower and able to sprint from static to 100kmh in just 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 350kmh.

Lamborghini Centenario - 8

Lamborghini plans to make for a limited 40 units Lamborghini Centenario. 20 of them will be available in coupes while the rest are roadsters.

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