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Lamborghini Expands Its Polo Storico Classic Car Department

Lamborghini expands its Polo Storico Classic Car Department due to strong demand in classic cars for Lamborghini brands.


Two of their rivals are already have establish Ferrari Classiche and Porsche Classic. Under Polo Storico, it enable Lamborghini car enthusiast and collectors able to get maintenance services and repairs for their old model like Miura and Countach.

They also provide full inspection for old Lamborghini models and offer vehicle certification which will reflect its overall value.

lamborghini miura

With the expanding Polo Storico Classic Car Department, current classic Lamborghini able to get genuine parts for their cars. It will help owners to get a good quality product for parts that is hard to find now due to some parts from older generations are not being produced anymore.

For those who collect car manuals and documentation will also get benefits. The new store will also have Archivio Storico which kept all documentation of historical models from the Lamborghini. It contains technical schemes, body colors, leathers, images and various publication in digital format.

(Source: MotorAuthority)

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