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Latest Civic Type-R Prototype Spy Shots

With the introduction of the new Honda Civic sedan for US market, Honda enthusiasts eagerly want to have a look on the new Civic Type-R sedan. For those who new to Honda car culture, this is a short summary for you. Yes, Honda Civic Type-R hatchback have been launched but it is for European market. For other countries like US and Asia including Japan, Honda usually will developed a totally new Civic Type-R which will be based on their latest Civic sedan model. Type-R model is the high end model for Honda. It is like AMG version for Mercedes Benz, S series for Audi and M series for BMW cars.

Civic Type-R Sedan Spy Shots - 1

This latest Civic Type-R prototype spy shots may answer some questions raised by Honda fans. The test mule is bigger than the hatchback and it borrow items from several Honda models. But have a look at its wheels size and its red brake calliper. The new Civic Type-R must have a lot of power under the hood. Also, if you notice on its front grille, there is a big intercooler turbo behind the front bumper. It also produce nice sound from its exhaust system. It is believe it will be powered by the news 2.0 liter turbocharged i-VTEC engine with 300 horsepower.

Civic Type-R Sedan Spy Shots - 3

Civic Type-R Sedan Spy Shots - 4 Civic Type-R Sedan Spy Shots - 2

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