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LG and Mercedes Collaborate for Future Self Driving Cars



LG and Mercedes collaborate for future self driving cars. The collaboration will saw two big names which experts in their areas one from South Korea and another from German. LG are well known for their innovation in electronic industries. They have show case their Advanced Drive Assistance System product which enable a camera to read road sign, check drivers health status, alert when driver sudden changes lane and also notify driver for any possible obstacles.


Mercedes also have their own technology which consist of algorithm that could detect moving object, motion and predict for incoming objects. Mercedes are well known in automotive industry by providing a reliable luxury cars. LG and Mercedes said with collaboration of these two technology they could provide a better self driving cars not just for the driver and passengers but also surrounding people. Mercedes will licensed their 6D Vision technology to LG. It will enable LG to develop a better system and they also may include their expertise in entertainment into Mercedes cars too.

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