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Limited Edition Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary


Aston Martin celebrating their 60th Anniversary “Works” brand with Limited Edition Vanquish. There are only 6 model that will be developed and it will be instantly recognisable as “Works” 60th Anniversary compare to other Vanquish with a unique colour schemes, yellow side vents and alloy wheels. Buyers are able to customised it based on their needs too.


The limited edition model will be based on Vanquish coupe and Volante convertible. It will be powered by 6.0L Normally Aspired engine came from the Vanquish with 8-speed automatic gearbox. It has about 576 hp and able to move from static to 60 mph (about 100kmh) in just 3.6 seconds and it has a top speed of 200 mph (about 320 kmh)


Decorative yellow stitching  can been seen all over the its interior and to make it more special the centre console dials are made from pistons head from each decades. Each models will received from different era starting with 1950’s DB2/4 up to mid 2000’s Vanquished. Its can be distinguished from its colours.


No price have been announce yet but sure will be higher than standard Vanquish Coupe and Volante.


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