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Limited Production McLaren 675LT Sold Out

If you want the limited production McLaren 675LT, they had already sold out all the 500 units. Most of the McLaren 675LT will be own by current McLaren owners. Starting price is £259,500 and buyer have option to spend another £5,090 for the McLaren Club Sport package which provide the car a titanium roof hoop with four point harness and a fire extinguisher.


The McLaren 675LT is 100 kg lighter than the 650s and it has a distinctive rear spoiler design. It is powered by the 3.8 Liter V8 engine with 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds with top speed of 205 mph or 330 kmh.

McLaren 675LT interior

(Source WorldCarFans, GTSpirit)

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