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Lotus Chassis Expert Leaves Lotus for Aston Martin

Matt Becker

Matt Becker who is one of the Lotus Chassis Expert leaves Lotus for Aston Martin after 26 years of serving the company. Previously, he was working with his father; Roger Becker who was worked as vehicle engineering director which retired in 2010.

Aston Martin DB9 2016

His moving to Aston Martin will help the company as Chief of Engineering for Vehicle Attributes Engineering in developing all new upcoming model including the new 2016 DB9. Matt expertise sure will help Aston to develop not just a fast car but also with better handling.

His position in Lotus has been replaced with Dave Marler who is also engineering consultant at Lotus for 17 years. Marler will have a bigger responsibilities from now on since Lotus are also working in developing new line up models under DRB-Hicom master plan to bring it back on track.

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