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Lotus Will Show Latest Evora In 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Lotus will show their latest Evora in 2015 Geneva Motor Show. They have work hard to revamp the looks and styling of current Evora. Lotus said the new Evora will have improvement in technical components and will loose some weight too.


After the Evora, Lotus seems to strengthen its internal marketing strategies with the opening of 25 new dealers. Their sales also get improved compare to previous years with more facelifts and new improvement model from existing platform. Lotus is UK based company who were bought by Proton in the 90’s in order to save it from critical financial crisis. Proton were later being privatized when they are become part of DRB-Hicom Berhad.

Lotus Exige-S-Cup

DRB-Hicom is one of the biggest Malaysia company who involve in automotive industries. They have the capabilities to assemble, manufacture and distribute vehicle. Their involvement in military vehicle also being recognize in international level.

2010 Lotus City Car

Other than wholly own subsidiary in Proton and Hicom Defense, they also part of big player in other brands like Honda, Isuzu and Chevrolet. With Lotus be part of Proton which is own by DRB-Hicom, it seems new Lotus management want to strengthen its foundation as a corporate company before they have come out with new range of model. There are rumors Lotus will come out with their own SUV but no confirmation are yet to be confirm by Jean-Marc Gales. Proton have released Proton Iriz as their new line up model for compact car in 2014.


It received positive feedback from the market since they have translate new fresh styling and design language with new VVT engine. Previously, the platform used by the Iriz is said to be used by Lotus targeted for premium compact electric car combine with their newly developed range extender engine

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