Matthias Müller Is The New Volkswagen CEO

Matthias Müller is the new Volkswagen CEO after Martin Winterkorn resigned from the top position.  Müller who previously is Porsche CEO have started the restructuring process due to emission test misconduct. Müller have been given mandate to start restructure the company at all level and focus more on governance at regional level. It is to ensure the same thing will never happen again. Some of the employees at engineering division have been suspended until the investigation is complete.

Matthias Müller Is The New Volkswagen CEO

Müller also added his main focus now is to win back customers trust. It is an easy task for him since the Volkswagen Group owns other top names like Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti. With the new structure and key person, Müller hope it can bring back the strength at regional level by minimizing its complexity. On the hand, CEO of Volkswagen Group USA Micheal Horn will remain at his position despite of current issues that happen in the USA. US dealer groups have request him to stay in his role.


Last week, EPA have accused Volkswagen Group cheated during emission test that involves Volkswagen model and some Audi that run on 2.0 liter diesel engine. They claim Volkswagen have installed a special software that detect and activate the emission control device that will fully work when the car is under testing. They also claims the engine released more carbon mission when the device is turn off. It is estimated earlier, Volkswagen may face fine up to $18 Billion. But the The Truth About Cars have made another estimation and Volkswagen may have to pay $3 Billion instead of maximum fine that are up $18 Billion.


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