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A McLaren P1 Almost Hit Concrete Wall At Laguna Seca

A McLaren P1 almost hit a concrete wall at Laguna Sega race track on private race event. Based on the skills shown, it is believed professional driver instructor drove the car and try to set a lap time for the client beat.

While spectating one of the first Mclaren GTR private track days at Laguna Seca, one of the demo/factory owned P1 GTRs nearly crashed into the concrete barrier at the infamous corkscrew turn. The car was being driven by a professional driver; he was to set a laptime so the P1 GTR clients can try to match or beat the lap he sets. He was going absolutely 100% and overtook a handful of drivers

McLaren racing program is a standard program available for their customers to learn to handle their McLaren cars while at the same time pushing the car to the limit. It is to ensure all McLaren’s owners are well trained and able enjoy their cars with responsibilities.

McLaren P1 Almost Hit Concrete Wall At Laguna Seca - 1

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