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Mercedes AMG GT S Test Drive

Merc-AMG-GT-S cornering on track

Chris Harris is a humble Youtube test driver. He who own a Youtube channel called “Chris Harris on Cars”. He is one of among lucky guys who have the opportunity to drive the dream cars among Mercedes enthusiasts. AMG GT and GT S model is different from the SLS AMG. The new AMG GT and GT S model have been lighten a bit with a bigger space too. There are no signature gullwing door opening but Mercedes have improve a lot of things on this new line up model.

Mercedes-AMG GT  (2014)

The interior of this car are nicely design with high quality materials.  The dashboard looks superb with a big interactive screen for the driver to navigate around. Mercedes have also use space frame chassis and the body are made from aluminium to save some weights and made the structure stronger.

Merc-AMG-GT-S Left Side on Track

The car was power by 4.0 L V8 engine. The GT version can accelerate from 0-60mph (100kmh) in 3.9 seconds and reach up to 189 mph (about 304 kmh). While GT S model is slightly faster with the top speed of 190 mph or 310 kmh. The GT S can reach 60 mph or 100km from static in just 3.7  seconds.

To experience driving this AMG GT S, watch the following video from Chris. For those who want to support his great works, you can contribute to his works by visiting Chris @ Patreon


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