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Mercedes Announced Their Future Premium Pickup Truck Based On Nissan Navara

Mercedes announced their future premium pickup truck based on Nissan Navara before the year of 2020. Mercedes choose Nissan since the company already have experienced developing reliable pickup trucks for many years. Mercedes aim to distribute and be player for premium pickup truck segment in Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe.


Although the platform is from Nissan and it maybe assemble in Nissan factory, Mercedes said they will include practicality with typical attributes of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars sich as design, comfort and safety.

The new upcoming premium pickup trucks from Mercedes will be design by them including its interior and other mechanical features like the powertrains. It is normal for company to share platform in a new business they would like to venture. Developing its own platform and power plant specifically for certain is not cost effective.

(Source: CarScoops)

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