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Mercedes CLA for US market base price up


Mercedes have brought the CLA into US shore in 2013. It has been promoted to be one of Mercedes model that people can now afford since the price is under USD$ 30,000. If potential customers want an extra package, then they can choose available packages that they preferred.


Their marketing strategy was a success. All dealers are hardly keep their stocks for the CLA model and it is one of the top selling model for Mercedes Benz in the US. People said the CLA is the baby CLS. Mercedes have worked hard to redesign their model to be more fresh and maintain its identity. The CLA even had a frameless windows frame same as the CLK.



But due to inflation rate and hard for them to restock the model, Mercedes have to increase their CLA for US market base price up to USD$32,450 for 2015 CLA250 model. It does not include all optional packages available. Does it effect their overall sales for 2015? What about CLA in other continents? Does Mercedes Benz will jacked up the price on other countries?

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