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Mercedes Future EV Platform Follow Some Best Practices From Tesla

Mercedes showcase their future EV platform called “multi-model vehicle architecture.” The new design seems to follow some of the best practices from Tesla with its battery pack will sit on the floor to provide more space for the passenger. Compared to Tesla, the platform has different powertrain positioning and cells layout arrangement.


Mercedes says their new EV models will be able to cover up to 300 miles. They are also looking to improve their current battery capacity with help from their subsidiary company Deutsche Accumotive. Based on early study, a cell which based on lithium sulfur could promise better density and lower price to produce compared to lithium ion.


Mercedes will show the capabilities of this platform during 2016 Paris Autoshow scheduled in September. It is possible for them to develop two sedans and two SUV on top of it. There is no dateline release yet by Mercedes, but it is expected the platform will be ready by 2019.

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