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Mercedes S63 Smashed With A Golf Stick

If you are a person who hope to have a peace in mind when you bought a new high end luxury car from a brand that have a high reputation, it must be frustrated when that car got engine problem. A 33-year old man who owned a new Mercedes S63 AMG have been through that kind of experience not only once but three times. His S63 had an engine failure and each time he went back to the service center, the same problem still occur. The last time it happen, he and his family on a road trip. He went back to the service center but nothing have been done because the manager in charged was on holiday.


Frustrated with the service, the man smashed his Mercedes S63 with a golf stick in front of the service center. I don’t know how he drove back the car that have an engine problem but he sure have a lot of money to trash his Mercedes S63. After sales service should take care their customers regardless it is a cheap or high end car because you guys is the brand name trusted by many customers.

(via Motor1)

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