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Mercedes X-Class Yachting Edition Is A Luxury Utility Vehicle

Interior specialist Carlex Design showcasing their latest craftmanship with the Mercedes X-Class Yachting Edition. For this X-Class, they have created 15-piece body kit which is design and built by the Pickup Design team.


All kits are made from carbon fiber materials inspired from the Mayback S650 Coupe including the wheels and front grille. The X-Class is finished in porcelain white with chocolate brown colors. The combination looks so good.


The interior is far from other pickup truck featuring elements inspired from luxury yacths cabin. It has a nice wood trims, Alcantara and Nappa Porzellan leather found in Maybach.


If you owns a luxury yacth, this Mercedes X-Class Yachting Edition is perfect match for it. Priced start at 105,000 Euro and Carlex Design is accepting orders for those who interested to own one.


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