MIT Want To Create The World Without Traffic Lights But It Has Already Been Implemented

MIT says it is possible to create the world without traffic lights. The new research, if successful, will help to smooth the traffic in high-density cities. The vehicle does not have to be a fully autonomous vehicle, but there will be a device to control the speed and communication with other cars. But without a fully autonomous vehicle, the driver can override and take over the control of their car. It may cause another car at risk of collision.

light city traffic by MIT - 2

In terms of what kind of technology you would need, you won’t need to wait 20 years. We don’t need autonomous driving. It’s actually much simpler. From a technological standpoint, there are no big hurdles to implement this idea.

The world without traffic light is not a new concept. In some countries, the concept has been successfully implemented. The following videos show it is possible for the world without traffic lights as long as all people have the same understanding and able to tolerate with each others.

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