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Modular Platform for Future Ferrari Starting With 2017 California

Ferrari will starts using modular platform for their future model starting with the 2017 California replacement model. The new modular platform will enable Ferrari to manufacture different cars with different engine setup either at the front or rear.


Modular platform is a standard practice done by Volkswagen Group to save cost developing different platform for different cars and brands. With this strategy, it enable them to focus their investment and build the best modular platform. The platform will be used later on in different segments and brands.

california-california factory

Ferrari have also confirmed that the new modular platform will be built from aluminum instead of carbon fiber material. Ferrari said it will be cost effective and time saving to manufacture chassis from aluminum although it is not as light as carbon fiber. Ferrari also added, for the long term period, a car that build from aluminum is far much easier to maintain.

(via MotorAuthority)

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